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The pioneer brand in ductless system since 1951

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Air conditioning Solutions

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Air conditioning

Enjoy maximum cooling efficiency with our mini splits and package AC systems

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Heating AC

Experience ultimate comford in any climate with our heating and cooling solutions

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Inverter technology

B-Air's inverter technology saves you up to 80% on energy consumption

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Ductless System

The future of Cooling Innovative and Elegant Ductless Systems

BAir, Leading AC Company

Leading AC company since 1951

We are a family manufacturing company with more than 70 years committed to the well-being of our community and the environment, with a wide distribution network in Latin America with headquarters in Mexico.

Our products

BAir, Ductless System
Mini Split Ductless System
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BAir, Packaged AC System
Packaged AC System
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BAir, Commercial Pro
Commercial Pro Packaged
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Find Out What Makes B-Air the Best Choice

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Lifetime Warranty

Our commitment to a lifetime guarantee is a testament to our quality.

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Maximun Efficiency

Highest SEER of equipment on the market.

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Original Parts

Availability of original B-Air spare parts to maintain your equipment.

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Ductless System

The future of Cooling Innovative and Elegant Ductless Systems

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Enjoy hight profit margins with our premium products and services
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Enhance your brand's visibility with our professional advertising materials
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Showcase your business to a wider audience with our website promotion